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Investment Policies/Strategy

The assets of OperaFund Eco-Invest SICAV plc are primarily invested globally in private equity of ecologically valuable projects that offer attractive long-term investment returns primarily in areas such as energy related and infrastructure related projects.

Although the Fund as a whole focuses its investing activities primarily in private equity, a portion of its capital (up to 25%) may be invested in other asset classes, such as publicly traded equity, bonds or other debt instruments. Money held by the fund in reserve pending investment, to pay expenses, prior to distribution to shareholders, or for any other reason, may be invested in cash and cash equivalents, including short-term instruments issued by recognized financial institutions and money market funds.

Such investment policies are implemented in order to adhere to the global objectives of the fund, to have stable cash flows that, if generated, will be distributed to shareholders annually.

There is no restriction on the allocation of the Fund assets as far as countries and/or regions, subject that the Fund shall invest mainly in companies whose business activities are linked, directly and/or indirectly, to the industry sector being targeted by the Fund.


Investment in this Fund is restricted to Authorised Investors, as defined in the Offering Memorandum. The Offering Memorandum can be accessed on this site under the menu bar "Documents"